The Nordish.

California-based consultancy navigating ship owners & maritime industry in their digital transformation.
We envision a future where every shipowner and shipping company fully embraces the digital world.
Our mission is to lead the maritime industry into a dynamic, digitally driven ecosystem.


Like the northern lights that illuminate the night sky, we illuminate the path to digital transformation for our clients.

Strategic maritime IT consulting: We navigate industry evolution with a focus on growth. By addressing digital disruption, our approach prioritizes revenue and strategic expansion.

Leveraging profound industry insight, we guide shipping companies to embrace digital opportunities, fostering resilience, innovation, and sustainable profitability.

What we do?

Founded in 2024, THE NORDISH is a maritime consultancy passionately reshaping the shipping landscape.
We lead the way in driving digital transformation for Ship Owners and Shipping Companies across the Container, Dry Bulk, and Oil sectors.

THE NORDISH specializes in achieving streamlined workflows and substantial revenue growth through excellent project management, providing exceptional consultation for strategic expansion. By enhancing operational efficiency through digital solutions, we ensure your maritime venture is future-ready, competitive, and consistently at the forefront of revenue generation.

Service of The Nordish

Project Management

The Nordish orchestrates your IT projects.

Coordination ࠰ Planning ࠰ Communication ࠰ Risk Management ࠰ Delivery

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Product Management

The Nordish encompasses comprehensive product strategies
from conception to implementation.

Innovation ࠰ Strategy ࠰ Customer-Centric ࠰ Roadmapping ࠰ Iterative

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Merger & Acquisitions

The Nordish navigates through the complexities of IT integration and organizational change with a careful approach to planning and execution.

Stakeholder Management ࠰ Synergy ࠰ Transition ࠰ Streamlining ࠰ Alignment

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Adoption of Emerging Technologies

The Nordish crafts strategies for integration of cutting-edge technologies.

Trend-scouting ࠰ Innovation ࠰ Blockchain ࠰ Internet of Things ࠰ AI

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Agile Coaching

The Nordish guides your project team through iterative
and incremental development.

Providing Guidance ࠰ Fostering a Culture of Collaboration ࠰ Implementing Agile Principles

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Pioneering Digital Transformation in Maritime Excellence!

Our mission is clear: to lead the maritime industry into a dynamic, digitally driven ecosystem.

The Vision of The Nordish

Stefan Marx

Founder & Managing Director

Expertise of The Nordish


Stefan Marx, born in Hamburg / Germany, is a highly motivated project and program manager with over 10 years of experience in successfully leading complex initiatives in the maritime logistics business.

He has specialized in the digitalization of quotation and booking processes and the management or merger & acquisitions in the shipping industry.

Reliability and Trust of The Nordish


Stefan orchestrates projects with finesse, drawing on his proven experience in building efficient structures and leading large teams.

His keen analytical eye uncovers innovative solutions to complex challenges, while his skill at defining short-term strategies ensures focused and impactful results.

Maritime skills of The Nordish


Through agile leadership methods and excellent communication skills, he excels at fostering collaboration and innovation among teams and stakeholders.

As a dynamic leader in digital transformation, Stefan is instrumental in guiding our clients to success in the maritime industry.

Discipline of The Nordish


Stefan holds a Bachelor of Science in Maritime Technology and Shipping Management, is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Professional Scrum Product Owner and Professional Scrum Master.


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How we work.

We believe in fostering strong, collaborative partnerships to achieve shared goals. From shipping experts, for shipping experts!

The Nordish CEO - How we work collaborative

We are dedicated to a solution-driven mindset in our client partnerships and proactively identify effective ways to address challenges.

The Nordish CEO - How we work Solution-oriented

We respect our clients´s time, opinions, and perspectives and treat them with courtesy and professionalism at all times.

The Nordish CEO - How we work respectful

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